Laura Balboa

Interaction designer, independent researcher, radio producer, media artist, and linguist (in time investment order).

I use interaction design to analyse, connect, and improve the space and processes between humans developing and using technology.

Based in Sweden, I work as Product Release Manager facilitating products and services development (R&D) at Arduino.
As an independent researcher I investigate about experimental music and sound with a gender perspective in Mexico and Latin America. I produce and host a radio show for community radio in Radio Nopal called Bulla.  Archive/past episodes 

As a media artist I have produced mixed media, net and code poetry, Internet geopolitics: infographics and interactive installations, sound art, and art teaching in prison facilities.

Journey And Experience

For the last 20 years as a designer I have worked with:

visual communication → branding → art direction → editorial design → project coordination → user experience → design operations → design leadership and management→ interaction design → customer centricity → open source technology advocacy.

La tlayuda siempre ayuda.  
Shilaa' ndi' diidxazá

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